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Services for the Community -
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Mountain View Resource And Service

Incorporated with the State of California since March 2018, Mountain View Resource & Services is a Non-Profit Corporation established as a grass roots program to provide the basic resources and comprehensive services to Families living in the Communities WE serve. 

The Need

Mountain View Resource and Service’s (MVRAS)  mission is to provide professional comprehensive resources and services to men, children and families that are meant to improve and enhance their quality of life. MVRAS seeks to provide a catalyst for family reunification for justice involved, low income and homeless individuals. Studies have shown that the inability to financially afford court-ordered rehabilitative services pose a barrier to successful reintegration. MVRAS lowers the barriers to equitable access and provides resources, services and linkages to fill this gap in the system.


Our Services

MVRAS offers court ordered professional supervised visitation/ monitoring to children and families. We provide exchange services between the custodial or non-custodial parent and children in the presence of a neutral third party. Mountain View Resource and Services is responsible for observing and documenting all visits and exchanges to ensure safety of all involved. We offer courses in domestic violence, parenting, substance use and anger management. Our instructors are trained in trauma-informed care and cultural sensitivity. Each client's specific case is evaluated through our intake process and services are provided through our grants or by donation. 


Our Clients

MVRAS is prepared to service all members of the community. However, our program is tailored to address the unique needs of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person Of Color) male. The male is the center of the family and their involvement in the healing process is paramount for optimal family recovery.  Our holistic approach provides support services and linkages that support the entire family including women and children. Our typical demographic would be negatively impacted by one or more of the following criterion: low income (below 213% of the federal  poverty guideline); homeless (housed and unhoused); formerly incarcerated; justice involved; substance use disorder or a non-custodial parent.


The Impact

 MVRAS offers courses and individual counseling in domestic violence (victim and perpetrator), anger management. parenting, substance use and court-ordered child visitation monitoring. MVRAS provides these services because our research and experience has shown that  payment for  court-mandated rehabilitation courses can pose a huge barrier for the demographic we serve. Our program empowers our clients to adhere to the conditions of their specific court cases. Ultimately, this will increase their likelihood in completing court-mandated obligations and positively affect recidivism.



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